Facilities & Capabilities


Studio & Sets

FBC Creative’s virtual studio provides our clients with endless possibilities to create the environment, backdrop, set, or whatever setting is needed to bring a concept to reality. It’s like having your own studio completely designed around you, with one background, one set or many backgrounds, or many sets and a multitude of scene changes: we can do it all right in house.

And, it’s not just a virtual studio. FBC Creative also has Augmented Reality Solutions to incorporate a combination of digital and physical worlds, interactions made in real time, and accurate 3D identification of virtual and real objects.

  • Studio

Integrated Lighting Systems
(70) LED Strand / PrimeTime Fixtures w/ Strand FLX S48 Lighting Board

Hard CYC Virtual Studio
Full Green Screen (30w x 60l x 16h) Full Green Floor

Studio Cameras
(2) Panasonic HC-3900 / Fuji 18 x Lens with Cue Script Tele-Prompter

(1) Panasonic HC-3900 / Fuji 23 x lens

(3) Miller Combo Live 30 Pedestals and Miller Arrow Fluid Heads

  • Audio

Behinger 32
Input audio Board with 32 Channel MADI Capability

(4) Shure Wireless Microphones (Hand-Held and Lav)

RTS Wireless Intercom Headsets (2)   /  Electronsonic Wireless IFB’s (3)

  • Control Room

Ross 4K and HD Control Room

Ross Carbonite Ultra Production Switcher (2 ME)

Ross Expression Real Time Motion Graphics (4-channel)

Ross Tria – Production Server (4 record / 4 playback)

Ross Virtual Solutions: Ross Voyager (3) Unreal Engine Virtual Render System

Ross Lucid Studio: Virtual Control Center


HD Video Production

Packing impressive technology into a compact footprint, our S4 Production Truck offers the flexibility and versatility to complement productions with sensitive budgets, while not sacrificing quality and service. Our turnkey service can include experienced production crews.

  • Video

Grass Valley Karrera 1 M/E Switcher
Dual Channel Chyron Grafitti Graphics System
Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System, 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs
Grass Valley Solo 2 Channel Clip Player with Key / Fill
(2) Blackmagic Hyperdesk Studio SSD Recorders
AJA HELO H264 Recorder

  • Audio Console

Behringer X32 Mixer: 40-Input, 25-Total-Bus Digital Mixer
(3) Studio Technologies Model 230 Announcer Console, with Cough Button and Talkback
(2) Lectrosonics HHa Handheld Wireless Mics
(1) Lectrosonics UHF Wireless IFB
(5) Sennheiser K6 Series Natural Sound Mics

  • Cameras

(5) Grass Valley Focus 75 Live 720p/1080i Switchable HD Triax Cameras
(4) Fujinon 20×8.5 HD Lens
(2) Canon Digi-Super 72x HD Lens
(4) 7” Studio LCD Viewfinders
(2) 2” Handheld Eyepiece

  • Communications

32 Port Zeus II RTS Digital Matrix Intercom
8 Channel RTS IFB System
RTS TIF 2000A Phone-Intercom Interface
(5) RTS 2 Channel Belt Packs

  • Video

64×64 Miranda CR6400 Video Router
Tektronix WFM 7020 Engineering Video Scope
(2) AJA FS2 Dual Frame Sync / Cross Converters
Customizable Virtual Monitor Wall

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